Step 2: Design & Construction Consultation

$625.00 CAD

(Plus applicable taxes)

This Design Meeting is for you if you are wanting to refresh your space or you would like to renovate areas in your home. As an example, this could be your Kitchen, bathrooms, en-suite, laundry room, mudroom, family room, any space in your home. Maybe you are building a custom home, & don't forget your outdoor living spaces.

How you can use this consultation & what to Expect

  • This consultation is 2-hours of one-on-one guidance
  • Reviewing selections you've made
  • Reviewing design plans/layout
  • Talking through a design dilemma
  • Providing you with great professional design advise, best suggestions and ideas. Inspiration & recommend solutions that you may be able to use right away or for your up coming project.
  • How other professions may need to be a part of the project & what permits maybe needed.
  • We will walk through your home and discuss your wishes for your proposed project.
  • Review your financial investment & start to develop your budget.
  • Talk about the approach & timelines for your project.
  • Leave a folder for you so you can start organizing your project, which includes some helpful tips.
  • Review how Plan By Design will collaborate with you through-out your project. Go over my Unique Design | Build process & agreements.

Some FAQ and what & what not to expect

  1. Where will we meet? Our time together is a maximum of 2 hours and takes place usually at your home, cottage, or we will choose the best location for this consultation to start the planning of your specific project.
  2. Will you design my space from top to bottom? Unfortunately no, that can't be done in a consultation. While I will be providing you with great ideas these are not the final selections. Good Design takes into account the overall space and how everything will relate to each other. This takes time and thought to be developed.
  3. Will you provide me with Drawings? No construction drawings or design drawings are provided at a consultation. However, once you hire Plan By Design for your project then the spacing planning and the hard work begins.
  4. Will you help me place items in a room? Physical altering of any space, like rearranging furniture, hanging art are only done by other professionals.
  5. What if I need more time? Absolutely! You can purchase additional time, we can discuss the options depending on what you need.
  6. What's included in the Summary Report? All the information gathered at this meeting allows me to provide you with a written recap & outline of next steps. This could include a written statement of work (a short description of the project scope) & possibly some guideline-estimate pricing for your specific project. This is uploaded in the online Design Studio & emailed to you in about 15 - 20 business days after our consultation.
  7. Can I reschedule my time? Yes you can. There is no fee for rescheduling, however, the appointment has to be rescheduled with-in 1 month of the original booked consultation date.
  8. Are appointments refundable? Yes, however a $150.00 + HST administration fee is charged. If you are not able to reschedule with in 1 month of the original consultation date, you will receive a refund less the administration fee.  However, please do call me to discuss prior to cancellation.
  9. Are there travel costs? Travel costs are applicable outside my working area. We will discuss this at our Complimentary Design Conversation.

Follow these Simple Steps to Book you Consultation

1) Purchase the Design & Construction Consultation
Once this is done you will now be in my Online Design Studio. You need to fill out your names, address etc. and select a password.
2) The Appointment
I will send you an email with our confirmed booked appointment or a link attached for you to confirm the day and time if that works better for you. Once you have done this our meeting time slot is booked!
At Plan By Design the goal is to have every Design|Build project be an enjoyable one. My years of experience have shown me that clients get a feeling of comfort from knowing my process.